Empower people

Empower people to understand their rights and responsibilities with regardsto their NDIS plan

Responsive services

Provide access to services most appropriate to your individual needs through timely and

Skills Development

Give you the skills to be able to participate in the planning and monitoring process

Encourage people

Encourage people to exercise choice and control over service delivery and life decisions.



Co Connect

CO Connect is a subsidiary of the Colac
Otway Region Advocacy Service

However Co Connect operates using it's own resources and runs completely independently from CORAS.Co Connect staff are experienced in communicating and negotiating with

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Can You Use Co Connect?

If you live in the Barwon NOIS launch site and you have received an NOIS package which
includes funds for assistance to co ordinate or manage your life stages andtransitions and
supports then you are eligible to use our service.
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How We will Work With You-

Co connect is all about empowering you

to be the person who makes the decisions on how the NOIS works in
your life.We will work with you to teach you the skills
that, in time, help you to be able to manage your own plan.

We will be available to you, and we will meet with you regularly so we
can talk to you or your service providers to make sure that you are
happy with how they are working to support you.

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